Who we are and what we do

Ti Bonny Productions is a Production Company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Ti Bonny invests, produces and co-produces film and tv in the horror segment. Founded in 2016 by Henrik Santesson, Ti Bonny is constantly looking for collaborations and partnerships in filmed entertainment.

Latest Projects

Samples from our projects gallery

Fun House

How many likes for a life? A contemporary horror film, starring Valter Skarsgard. ..

Killer Weekend

A Blanc-Biehn Productions and Ti Bonny Productions project shot early 2017 on location in Los Angele..

Horror films don´t create fear, they release it.

- Wes Craven

There is no medicin for what I have.

- Garland Greene

I believe the only way to reform people is to kill them.

- Carl Panzram


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